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The Publication

Who’s Who: The African Diaspora is a compendium of African professionals trailblazing across the globe representing various industries and are principalities in their field of influence on the African continent as well as other nations.
This collection of profiles serves as a bridge to foster greater understanding between the continent and their respective country of residence. Moreover, it mobilizes the Who’s Who of Africans in the diaspora and become a win-win for Africa, to connect and accelerate Africa' social and economic development.
Lest we forget, Africa’s Secret Weapon is truly the Diaspora!


Economic Power

The World Bank states remittances to Sub-Saharan Africa amount to $48 billion in 2019


The African Union estimates that the African Diaspora is about 165.3 million people in the Western Hemisphere.


23% migrants from sub-Saharan Africa live in Europe and the U.S